Which Type Of Whey Protein Supplements Are Best To Lose Weight?

By Howe Russ

Learning how to lose weight can be difficult enough for most people, but when they encounter the world of sports nutrition and supplements things tend to take a turn for the worse. Today's article is going to show you the three key points to look for when matching which whey protein is best suited to your fitness goals.

While some products are designed for fat loss and increasing lean muscle tone, there are also plenty out there which are made for bulking up. Get the wrong one and you can really hold yourself back.

The industry is also filled with marketing hype, making it very hard for most people to get to grips with the facts on supplements. Most people get lost in the hype and don't really know what to look for, wasting their hard earned cash on useless products they simply don't need.

Learning what to look for makes things very easy. You may think the hype on a supplement looks great but once you learn how to decipher the ingredients with the 3 steps below you'll find it much easier.

* If weight loss is your goal, be sure to check the number of carbs in each serving. It needs to be quite low if your goal is fat loss.

* The number of grams of protein per serving is very important.

* Take a look at the ingredient list and see whether your main ingredient is hydrolized, isolate or concentrated whey.

When you learn to do the three items shown above you'll find it much easier to compare products and determine whether a supplement is really as good as it claims to be on the packaging. The main group of people affected by these choices are ladies, scared to use a meal replacement shake in case it results in weight gain.

Carbohydrates are your best friend if your goal is bulking up, so taking a look at the carb content should be the first stop when looking at the packaging of a potential new meal replacement supplement. If the carb content is as high, or in some cases even higher, than the protein content you're looking at a bulking supplement rather than a slimming one.

There are three main forms of whey on the market and knowing the difference between them will probably save you some money in the future. Concentrate is the original form, which digests the slowest and is normally the cheapest. Then comes isolate, which digests faster and costs a little more. Finally, hydolized isolate is the most expensive blend which digests quicker than any other in it's category.

Furthermore, recent scientific studies have revealed that the human body can digest no more than thirty grams of protein in one go. With so many products on the market claiming to hit you with 50 grams or more, this helps you to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Like most things in life, once you get past the initial hype and confusion you'll discover that it's not as difficult as you first thought. Learning how to lose weight is much the same. Now that you have the knowledge to look for the important information which will help you determine which whey protein is best for you, your fitness goals will be much easier to achieve.

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