How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast in 3 Simple Steps - Lose Up to 7 Kgs in Just 7 Days

Obesity (being overweight) affects thousands of people around the globe, which in turn causes poor health. People who tend to be overweight also have a tendency to have major health problems such as high blood pressure and other major degenerative diseases. Solutions or programs for losing weight are found in thousands of our media. My questions to all those reading this article are, how much of success can be found in these different programs and how much of money the average person has to spend to gain what can be achieved at home with simple recipes that have been used for thousands of years.

To lose weight fast you need to identify the causes of gaining weight first. The main cause is the refined food we consume on a daily basis and hence, our bodies take up more calories then it needs without burning them.

Here are some major causes for poor health and obesity:

Cereals are a major source of nutrition in most part of the world but sad to say that the vital vitamins are separated during the process therefore what is left is only starch, after having robbed the grains of the more important elements and salts. The result is malnutrition with weight gain.

Another major cause for bad health is stimulants; many a person after a hard days of work turns to all kinds of over the counter stimulants to relieve chronic fatigue. Others turn to alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and soft drink's. This only serves to shorten their life span.

OK we have identified a few causes for obesity now let as look at FREE NATURAL solutions to rid ourselves of the excess fat.

Step 1

Get rid of the excess fat. 100% success for best natural weight loss.

Ridding the body of toxins is the main factor in losing weight. This is an excellent program, a bit hard in the beginning but once you see the kilos fall off it will be worth your while.

The recipe of success for best natural weight loss:

-900 g tomatoes
-1 bunch celery (this is the main ingredient)
-1 kg carrots
-200g fresh green beans
-1 green pepper
-1 pkt white onion soup
-1 green chilli (optional)

Chop all the vegetables and grate the tomatoes, cook in a pot with a litre of water. Use salt and black pepper to taste. Once the above has cooked, add raw celery and blend. Put back in the pot and boil with the white onion soup. There you go; a simple and easy soup to make but works wonders when it comes to losing weight. Store in refrigerator.

Here is the catch:

No juice, no alcohol, no sugar and if you are taking tea, take with skimmed milk.

The soup has to be eaten everyday only for 7 days! That is what makes you lose weight!

  • Day 1:
Eat as much as soup as you want. Eat it whenever you are hungry. Apart from soup you can have all types of fruit with the exception of bananas.
It's not hard trust me. When you see the kilos dropping of you will be willing to finish the soup.
  • Day 2:
Eat only soup and vegetables, no fruit, no beans, no corn and peas. Treat yourself to a baked potato with a little butter, salt and pepper for dinner.
  • Day 3:
Eat as much as soup as you want, fruit and vegetables but no potatoes.
Try the scale
You have already lost 2-3 kgs, if you did not cheat.
  • Day 4:
Eat soup, drink skimmed milk and have a banana.
  • Day 5:
Eat soup and today you can have 500g of steak with tomatoes.
  • Day 6:
Eat soup, vegetables, steak (can be substituted for fish or skinless chicken). You can start eating in better proportion.
  • Day7:
Eat soup, brown rice and vegetables,you may also drink fruit juice with no added sugar.

How simple was that?
7 days and 6-7 kgs lost! A must try.

Step 2

Keeping toxins out.

Recipes of success.

The most important factor to good health and fast weight loss is the following:

Breath clean air, drink clean and plenty water, eat wholesome healthy foods especially those containing potassium. By doing this the body will be provided with the correct, life giving nourishment.

Optimum for good health and weight loss.

Water: this is the key to any good health. Drinking at least 8 glasses daily is important. In this modern age we have a very hectic life so the suggested amount will be difficult to follow. Here is a great alternative: you could call a secret 5 cups must be taken first thing in the morning before breakfast. It sounds hard but trust me its not.

Apple cider vinegar: miracle food and cure.

Vinegar is an acid liquid made from fermentation of wine. Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium and therefore ideal in getting rid of toxic materials in the body. Many believe that apple cider vinegar is harmful but only if taken in excess. If apple cider vinegar is taken in moderation it neither weakens memory nor does it dry up the blood as believed by many.

Dr Cyril Scott and Dr Maurice Hansen in their book on the benefits of cider vinegar say that, apple cider vinegar stimulates the digestion and metabolism in the body to ensure best results in weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar is very effective in bringing about weight loss:

Follow the program below:

Mix 3 parts of apple cider vinegar with 1 part almond oil. Massage the body thoroughly. This, according to the diet research centre in England, will help reduce excess body fat.

Drink the following thrice a day after each meal: 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar taken in a glass of water.

 For a period of 2 months.
(The above is the key to quick loss, do not forget to take!)

Step 3

Maintaining weight loss

Now that you have achieved NATURAL AND FAST WEIGHT LOSS...

Exercise daily for 20 - 30 minutes. Swimming, jogging or even a brisk walk is highly important.

Change your diet. Take limited amounts of sugary junk including chocolates, pastries, cake etc. also make sure you cut down on fried foods. A healthy food intake ensures a healthy body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Use protein foods freely but the total daily intake should not exceed 2500 calories.

After following step 1 and step 2 of our natural weight loss program the above should be practiced daily without fail.

But wait in addition to the above I have provided you with another one of natures secrets to keep the weight loss consistent.

For centuries ancient physicians have spoken extensively of honey. This is one of gods many gift to man. Honey was and is still used in natural medicines as a remedy for chronic illnesses and common aliments. In recent times honey has proven effective in the treatment of great diverse problems including obesity.

It is claimed that if honey is included regularly in ones diet, it serves as a fat reducing agent.
Below are mentioned two successful ways in taking honey to ensure weight loss:

1. In a cup of luke warm water stir in a tbsp of honey with a ¼ tsp cinnamon powder. Twice daily before breakfast and a half hour before dinner (it is preferable to use a tea cup).

2. Add 3 tsps of lemon juice and 2 tsp of honey to a cup of hot water daily every morning on an empty stomach.